Top Tips for your Christmas Dinner


The festive season is well and truly in swing now and here at INOX we’re looking forward to welcoming nearly two thousand guests for festive lunches, dinners and parties over the next few weeks. As the big day gets closer and closer, cooking a Christmas dinner can start to feel a little daunting. We caught up with our award winning Sous Chef, Ben Slater, who shared his top tips for cooking the perfect Christmas dinner.

“The best advice I could give people when cooking their Christmas dinner is:

Absolutely make sure you baste your turkey to keep it moist… this is really important.

Cook your roast potatoes with fresh garlic and rosemary to add extra flavour.

The trick to the best Christmas dinner is when the veg and accompaniments have had the same care and attention that the turkey (or your chosen meat) has had.

Always rest the turkey after cooking. If you have a temperature probe, use this to your advantage, cooking the turkey to 75 degrees will help keep the turkey moist and stop it drying out. Make sure you probe at the thickest part of the bird (the thigh).

Oh, and most importantly a glass of port or a cold beer while you’re cooking Christmas dinner always helps!”

There you have it, folks!