Sheffield Food Festival Vegan Mousse Demo


Inox is constantly evolving our menu to showcase the ease of incorporating a variety of dietary needs into our Sheffield restaurant menu and Head Chef Joe Berry enjoys the challenge of creating exciting and inclusive dishes. Whether you’re choosing to lead a healthier diet whilst still indulging a little or you lead a vegan lifestyle, our vegan chocolate mousse has proven popular for all. It has proven so popular and so enjoyable that this recipe is featured in the Sheffield Cookbook: Second Helpings so you can learn how to create this delicious treat for yourself.


Sheffield Food Festival

On the 28th May at the Sheffield Food Festival, our talented head chef Joe Berry will be showcasing the dish himself so you can see how we prepare it in our Sheffield restaurant. You’ll have the opportunity to watch a master at work and taste the delicious vegan chocolate mousse for yourself. The recipe itself is created using aquafaba, which is the juice from chickpeas and when whipped up it creates a similar texture to that of egg whites, creating a light and fluffy mousse.

Whilst Joe Berry will be leading the demo, other members of our team will be there to hand out free samples, talk through the recipe and answer any questions you may have about the recipe or Inox itself.  Come along on Sunday 28th May, 2-2.30pm to see our demonstration and try some of the chocolatey goodness for yourself. The Sheffield Food Festival will also be showcasing lots of other chef demonstrations and masterclasses, with Sheffield chefs and experts alike. Be sure to head over to their website to view the full list of participants.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on your own Sheffield Cookbook: Second Helpings, you can grab your own copy at Inox today!