Inox Network Breakfast Meeting

Mar 2018

“Digital solutions that lead to gains for business transformation”

Jamie Hinton is CEO & co-founder of Razor, the Sheffield-based IT solutions business whose mantra is to ‘use various tools, frameworks, languages and technologies to help make the complex simple’.

The business has worked with familiar & household names such as Virgin Trains East Coast, South Staffordshire Water, Marcus Evans, The University of Sheffield, Fretwell Downing & Sheffield Money to deliver effective & engaging solutions to various IT conundrums.


Jamie is first & foremost a ‘techy’ but one who can translate the complex world of software development into a language that everyone can understand; he has a long history in software engineering and a proven track record in translating business opportunities into living, breathing software that delivers real value.

Jamie now applies his development thinking and extensive passion for technology to fuel the growth of Razor & is going to talk at Inox about how using innovative IT thinking & implementation can lead to business transformation & ultimately to business growth.

Of course the Inox breakfast network event will provide the usual mix of a fantastic complimentary breakfast, invigorating network discussions, a relaxed but positive environment to talk business & an opportunity to engage with The University of Sheffield on business partnerships & moreover a chance to discuss future meetings & events that you could bring to any one of our conference venues within the universities’ commercial portfolio.