Inox Network Breakfast Meeting

Jul 2017

For our final Inox networking breakfast before our summer recess in August we are delighted to have Toby Pochron, an employment law solicitor with the commercial law firm Ironmonger Curtis presenting on “We never knew he was a drunk… until he turned up to work sober”

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Toby provides businesses with practical advice to navigate the often weird and wonderful world of employing employees and managing staff. Toby’s clients include software designers, architects, plastics manufacturers, military defence contractors, estate agents, beauty salons, yoga studios, 3D printers, rail contractors, corporate financers, brokers, care homes, dentists, GP’s and more.

Ironmonger Curtis provides niche corporate advice, offering assistance with company / commercial law, commercial property, commercial litigation, intellectual property, and of course, employment law.

Toby’s talk – Employee Management: “We never knew he was a drunk… until he turned up to work sober” – is a light-hearted look at the more bizarre cases and subjects that have arisen in employment law in recent years.

Toby draws on his own practice of corporate employment law and his background as a trade union solicitor to cover topics such as:

  1. Unfair competition from exiting employees;
  2. Common employment law issues and how to avoid them;
  3. Why employment law is annoying; and
  4. The weird ways that employees run into trouble.

Ironmonger Curtis has a solid reputation of providing pragmatic and focussed legal advice. Toby’s presentation offers an engaging way to make employment law less boring.

Looking at the more light-hearted cases Toby has presented on is a fitting way to sign-off for the month before we return on September 28th with our first Autumn breakfast network event at Inox.

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