Inox Network Breakfast Meeting

Feb 2020

For our February Inox Breakfast Networking event our guest presenter, Mike Lawrence will be highlighting the pivotal & huge significance of “Workplace Wellbeing – Business Benefits”

Delivering much more than a typical wellbeing practitioner, Mike Lawrence’s knowledge, experience and achievements have not only brought him national & international acclaim but a constant stream of private and corporate clients.

Mike began his career in the leisure & hospitality sector, improving the wellbeing of thousands of Butlins’ holidaymakers through positive engagement, reassurance and mindfulness. He also treated hundreds more clients from the UK and abroad who suffered from a range of multi-skeletal conditions, including sciatica, tennis elbow and lower back pain. He instilled good habits within his clients who enjoyed long-term relief from their symptoms, as a result of his unique, tailored approach and mix of mind and body techniques. Hand-picked as one of the top three clinics in the city.

Mike has been presented with a Certificate of Recognition of Outstanding Services Rendered in organizing the fourth International Conference on Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Management, by Robert M. Gordon, PhD Fellow of the American Psychological Association US.

Mike is trained in Stress Management by The British Psychological Society, Clinical and Holistic Hypnosis, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Life Coaching, NLP, Reiki Master & Tui Na Massage, a vital part of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

More recently, Mike has delivered Employee and Managerial Workshops for Westfield Health throughout the UK, was chosen as a winner in the 2019 Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health Awards hosted by GHP-News.

Mike’s passion is to help others become the best version of themselves on every level. The results his clients enjoy are consistently outstanding, and they also have a beneficial effect on an individual’s colleagues, their environment and family, and the community that surrounds them.

The Inox breakfast network events provide the perfect environment for positive, proactive & productive networking, all set in a relaxed & informal environment & offering a complimentary breakfast and the opportunity to experience just why Inox has recently won a Bronze award at Welcome to Yorkshire’s prestigious ‘White Rose Awards’ for “Business Event Venue of the Year”