Inox Network Breakfast Meeting

Sep 2019

Have you ever wondered what you would do if suddenly your life changed & you found yourself confined to a wheelchair? How would your working life alter? Heather Chapman had such an experience and will launch our Autumn Inox networking breakfast events by talking about how that affected her and how the business community can help to overcome the sorts of challenges faced by people with disabilities.

Heather was running a successful First Aid company for over 12 years when her life suddenly changed direction and she found herself needing to find employment. Having already been self-employed it seemed that choosing to continue in self-employment was the right choice. Heather took up the brand new challenge of learning the skills of social media & now she is combining that with creating content for the internet through her web writing business The Web Word.

Developing engaging social media content is fundamental to all of our business profiles & choosing the most appropriate mediums – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. – along with interesting, contemporary & engaging blogs has never been more important. Heather will also be highlighting the fundamental significance of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for websites too.

We look forward to welcoming back existing Inox network guests along with business leaders & entrepreneurs who may be visiting us for the first time for the Autumn launch of Friday as ‘our’ day!!

As always, a huge warm welcome, a complimentary breakfast, effective networking with like-minded other guests & all set within the contemporary environment of Inox awaits you on Friday September 27th. We look forward to seeing you then!