Inox Network Breakfast Meeting

Jul 2019

For the last Inox networking breakfast before our summer recess (& the last before we return on FRIDAY’s in September (September 27th) our theme & presenter will speak about the hugely important significance of recognising the assets that young people present to all out futures business strengths.

Chris Hill is the CEO of Element Society, a youth charity that delivers developmental, social action & enterprise programmes to young people; programmes that recognise the assets young people have & provide opportunities to develop their skills and capabilities, empowering them to change their lives & take positive action in their communities.

The organisation has delivered 38 National Citizen Service (NCS) programmes to 1,900 young people, 160 social action projects & over 140,000 hours of young people volunteering at a value of £630,000 to Sheffield. Element Society is one of the few organisations in Sheffield which delivers the NCS programme for young people with special educational needs; as an example, the ‘Learning Through Nature’ programme takes 14-18 year olds with special educational needs & disabilities on learning visits to other habitats which improves creativity and problem-solving skills and enables the young people to better participate in society.

Chris will be talking about transferable business lessons he learnt from his own beginnings to running a large non-profit charity. Taking a lead from May’s ‘interactive’ presentation with Jon Colman from Red Vanilla, Chris will also be leading on two mini workshops – a mental health taster & a creativity taster of the kind Element Society’s young people benefit from. These mini sessions will illustrate how we can all look after our own mental health & stimulate creativity in the workplace.

The Inox breakfast networking sessions provide a rich & engaging environment for like-minded entrepreneurs to discuss their businesses & to make links with new prospective clients & to engage in conversations about future business collaborations. In addition to a complimentary breakfast the networking event allows all delegates to spend quality time at Inox & to discuss with Steve Timmins, the opportunity to bring their future meetings, conferences & events to The University of Sheffield.

We are sure that you’ll find July’s networking event invaluable & we look forward to seeing you again at Inox on Friday September 27th.