Inox Breakfast Network Meeting

Nov 2017

For our business network breakfast on November 30th we are welcoming top regional press photographer Dean Atkins, formerly at The Star to show us all through powerful imagery, what constitutes a business-building shot and the nine biggest mistakes to avoid.

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We all know a picture speaks a thousand words, but have you really considered what the messages the images surrounding you and your business are saying about you, your business & your brand? The profile pictures on your website & social media, that all-important LinkedIn shot? Have you done an online search to see what potentially old or even unflattering images of you are circulating that the media might be making use of?

Everyone has the story of their business and a personal story to tell which make us different, unique and memorable. In a world of ‘same old’, our stories are what make us stand out. A fantastic, captivating image is an incredibly powerful additional tool.

Only with a top quality photo will your story stand a chance of getting you and your business where they deserves to be; whether that’s your local newspaper, online business publications or national glossy magazines read by millions. Dean will illustrate how getting the ‘right’ imagery is vital to your commercial profile & delivering an ever-increasing stream of business enquiries.

As always you can expect fantastic networking opportunities within a relaxed & informal setting, along with a complimentary breakfast, other empowered business people in attendance & the opportunity to positively talk about your business with people who collectively want to work together within Sheffield City Region & beyond.