Inox Breakfast Network Meeting

May 2019

For the May Inox networking event we will be learning ‘What Shape We All Are’!!

Jon Colman, director of Red Vanilla & May’s guest presenter will show our networking guests how five simple “Shapes” can help us all think about our personalities and how we can best interact with other people.

Jon set up Red Vanilla, a Sheffield based learning & development business in 2003; the business focuses on developing leaders, managers, team working and improving customer experience.  Jon’s clients include The University of Sheffield, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Creative Sheffield, Sheffield City Council & Derbyshire Constabulary and many small & medium sized enterprises within Sheffield City Region. Jon is a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development and has been designing and delivering training for over 20 years.

‘What Shape Are You?’ helps people understand their own behaviours and understand what motivates and influences the behaviour of the people they work with. Managers can use this session to improve their leadership and management skills. Teams and organisations can use the session to improve the way people communicate with each other and guests can use the session to increase their own personal effectiveness.  An understanding of personality shapes can also help you understand customers, suppliers, family and friends!

‘What Shape Are You?” is one of the most enjoyable, participative and memorable personality sessions that we’ve held at the Inox breakfast network event & it’s participative nature will ensure that all guests will learn something about their fellow guests that they didn’t know previously.

As always, a complimentary breakfast along with fantastic opportunities to network with other like-minded, positive & proactive business entrepreneurs is on offer. In addition to meeting new & familiar guests learn more about how the meetings, events, dining & accommodation facilities at The University of Sheffield can really be hugely positive for your business profile.