Eating out in Sheffield during Diet Awareness Week


It’s Diet Awareness Week from April 24-28th and at Inox, we want to illustrate how tasty, nutritious and fantastic food can be included in all dishes irrespective of whether you are dieting or not!

Sometimes to make a great flavour dish you have to think a little outside of the box. Did you know that the juice from chickpeas can be used to make vegan chocolate mousse? We are full of useful and insightful facts, and our creative chefs use these to create some amazing dishes. Our vegan chocolate mousse is so good it was recently featured in the 2017 Sheffield Cook Book, pop over to Inox and take a look or purchase your copy.

Where to Eat in Sheffield on a Diet 

All the standard dietary requirements will be included in our regular menus throughout the week, so irrespective of what stage you are at with your diet you can still savour and enjoy our fantastic range of menu options. Equally, our chefs can create bespoke dishes too!

Special diets don’t need to be limiting; this week is a great opportunity to be creative and explore new ingredients. When it comes to accommodating dietary requirements, Inox is one of the best places to eat in Sheffield.

Eating Out in Sheffield This Week 

If you’re looking for some inspiration or interesting ideas for new dishes which incorporate specific diets, take the time during Diet Awareness Week to experiment. Even if you don’t have dietary requirements this is a great opportunity to explore new flavours, try new ingredients, and join in the fun! Post photos on Twitter and Instagram and share your creative cooking skills with us.

We love to see our customers getting creative with food and what better week to try new things than Special Diet Awareness Week. Pop in for the best afternoon tea or lunch in Sheffield; we look forward to greeting you at Inox as always throughout Diet Awareness Week.