Cocktail Menu Makeover with a Taste of Sheffield


Chris & Chris Cocktails
One of our young bartenders has created a new local twist on an old classic cocktail to bring the taste of Sheffield to Inox Dine’s newly launched cocktail menu.

The Sheffield Bloody Mary lists Henderson’s relish among its ingredients. The spicy Yorkshire sauce adds its distinctive flavour to the classic cocktail comprising vodka, tomato juice and tabasco. It’s just one of twelve new cocktails created by our Restaurant & Bar Team Leader, Chris Sloan with the help of bartender Christopher James.

Eating out in Sheffield

Sheffield honey also features in a number of the drinks which take inspiration from original classic cocktail recipes dating back to the 1600s.

Chris is a rising star among the talented Inox Dine team having joined as an apprentice from Sheffield City College just 18 months ago. He received training from internationally renowned mixologist Wayne Collins, Britain’s best bartender, as part of his hospitality training at Inox Dine before being given the opportunity to develop the cocktail menu for the restaurant.
Alongside modern cocktail classics such as the Mojito, Margarita and Mai Tai, Chris has taken seven of the oldest cocktail combinations in the world, known as the Magnificent 7, and used them as inspiration to create cocktails for today’s tastes.

These include the first ever cocktail combinations, the rum-based Punch, with its origins in the early 1600s; The Milk Punch, a milk based brandy beverage; The Sling, which was popular from the late 1700s and features gin; The Sour, a mixed drink containing a base liquor, lemon or lime and a sweetener; The Cobbler which originally consisted of wine, spirit and fresh fruit; The Highball, a base spirit and non-alcoholic mixer, and The Cocktail, first termed in around 1800 to describe a hard liquor mixed with other ingredients.

Try out our new cocktail menu, including Chris’s signature cocktail, The Magnificent 7 and The Classics at the restaurant and bar’s new cocktail hour, 5.30pm until 6.30pm with special offers available including two for one deals.

The Magnificent 7
The seven families that rule the world of mixed drinks

Sunny Sling – £6.00

Gordon’s gin, fresh lemon, triple sec, sugar syrup, topped with chilled earl grey tea

Port & Pineapple Cobbler – £8.50
Cockburn’s fine ruby port, jules clairon brandy, apricot liqueur, fresh pineapple, squeeze of orange, topped with soda

The Juniper Lady Sour – £5.50
Hendricks gin, fresh lemon and cucumber

Fresh Meadows Highball – £6.50
Absolute raspberry vodka, Luxardo maraschino liqueur, elderflower liqueur, lime juice topped with soda

Tropical Gelato Punch – £6.50
Chef’s mango, blood orange and ginger sorbet, Bacardi white rum topped with lemonade

Scailtin Twist Milk Punch – £5.00
Irish whiskey, warm milk, Sheffield honey, house burnt orange syrup, cinnamon and nutmeg

Brooklyn Bridge The Cocktail – £8.50
Chivas Regal blended whisky, noilly prat, Luxardo maraschino liqueur and ginger syrup

The Classics

The Sheffield Bloody Mary – £5.50
Smirnoff Vodka, tomato juice, dash of Henderson relish and tabasco

Mojito – £6.50
Bacardi white rum, fresh lime, dash of sugar syrup, soda water and sprig of mint

Margarita – £7.50
Tequila silver, fresh lime, triple sec

Cosmopolitan – £8.00
Smirnoff Vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice, fresh lime and orange zest

Mai Tai – £7.00
Light and dark rum, lime juice, triple sec, orgeat syrup and maraschino cherry