A Blast From the Past


We love it when customers share their stories with us. We were delighted to hear from Chris Bower who married her husband John in May 1986. Chris and John were married at St. James Church in Norton and held their reception in what is now INOX. They were kind enough to share their story with us, along with some pictures from their visit to the restaurant in June.

“We married at St James Church, Norton on 17th May 1986 and as John lived at Hillsborough and I lived at Lowedges we decided we needed our wedding reception to be somewhere central but as we had a large guest list it also needed to be big enough for both our families and reasonably priced too and so the Sheffield Students Common room, as it was then called, was ideal.

As it was the middle of May we thought it would be a sunny day but as it turned out it was windy and drizzly, we managed to get most of our photos taken outside the church but then the rain came and so we made our escape and had some more taken inside the evening reception room.

Everyone enjoyed their meal of Minestrone soup for starters, choice of Chicken or Beef roast dinner for main, with either cheesecake or Black forest Gateaux.

After the reception everyone went into the evening room and sat around tables near the dance floor or stood around the bar or sat at the tables in the rear part away from the music.  We had a table set to one side for presents, we hired a wedding DJ and had our first dance to Only You by Yazoo – which was our song from when we met in 1982 at Romeos and Juliet’s.

We then welcomed our evening guests and played the wedding games of the 80s – musical chairs where the women, walked around and had to sit on a mans knee, the one where the men and women had to change clothes and the obligatory wedding conga and sitting on the floor dance of Oops upside your head.

At some point we had a cold buffet for our evening guests and danced away probably until around 11pm as back in 1986 no alcohol could be sold after 10:30. When everyone had left my new husband and I along with my father in law had to flag a taxi down on Western Bank – with me in my wedding dress, as there was no mobile phones to ring a taxi and no public phone available and we’d not given a second thought to how we were going to get to our newly bought home.

Over the years whenever we’ve passed along Western Bank we’ve often looked with happy memories at the venue we had for our Wedding reception and Thirty-two years later May 17th, 2018 both our daughters were expecting their first child and on 30th May our youngest daughter, Laura, gave birth to a son, Declan, in Jessops.  Our eldest daughter, Gemma, was now around 6 months pregnant and on the recent visits to Jessops we had noticed the INOX DINE sign on the building but not really known what it was until we googled it and found not only was it now a restaurant, but it also had a brilliant Vegan menu.

Gemma’s birthday is on 11th June and as we were now visiting Jessops daily, to see Declan, and Gemma is a Vegan we decided to surprise Gemma &

Laura, along with their husbands, and take them to INOX for lunch to celebrate Declan’s birth and Gemma’s birthday.  We had a wonderful lunch and John and I were very cheeky and asked if we could have a look around past the toilets as this is where our wedding reception had been.  We couldn’t believe how it had all been renovated and brought into the 21st century.  It brought back so many memories and although we remember enjoying the food of 1986 the INOX dine food of 2018 was far, far better and Gemma was thrilled that we now know a very good restaurant that has a full vegan menu as well as catering for her non-vegan parents and sister too. “